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Thuja (Cypress)
Have you ever heard of the Thuja? This cypress is a beautiful ornamental evergreen conifer, that can be used as a solitary as well as a hedge plant. In our collection, we have several varieties of Thuja, all with their own unique characteristics. Their common trait: these plants are exceptionally beautiful and easy to maintain. Repeated pruning? No worries: this plant can be kept in all possible sizes without a problem.

We recommend you visit our website and have a look at the Thuja. We sell beautiful green Thujas, but you will, for example, also find the Thuja occidentalis 'Yellow Ribbon' in our collection. This plant adds a beautiful yellow-green accent to your garden, which you can enjoy throughout the year. It looks beautiful in summer, but also has a completely rustic look during the winter. The Thuja needs regular watering, for which you will be well rewarded all year round!