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Palm Root hormone, compost

Palmbooster for root systems and green, healthy growth
In the Nursery this has produced the most fabulous results. Palmbooster can be used every time you water your plants, it will green-up and envigorate all your plants, encouraging most impressive root systems and promoting strong healthy growth.
Palmbooster should be used at double strength when transplanting palms. it will rapidly encourage growth of new roots and minimise transplant shock.
When used with coir results have been nothing short of stunning. Coir comes in dried compressed blocks so the palmbooster can be added to the water before rehydrating the blocks. We can not recommend the combination of Palmbooster and Coir highly enough.
Use of palmbooster:
  • apply a mix of 1ml palmbooster to 1Litre of water once a week. Use double this concentration the first week.
HardinessKeep above 0°c

450g. 1 bottle 300ml € 14.50 - 4% = € 13.95
7Kg. 1 bottle 300ml + 10 Coir blocks € 22.95
1.35Kg. 3 bottles 300 ml € 43.50