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Palm accessories


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All the palm accessories you need
Of course you water your palm tree when it is needed and remove dead leaves. But to really grow and stay nice, a palm tree needs extra care. At MyPalmShop.com we have a wide range of palm accessories so that you can take care of your favourite palm properly. Take a look at our assortment. If you have questions about the care of your palm tree you can always contact us for advice.

Large assortment of palm accessories
At MyPalmShop.com we offer a range of palm accessories to optimally grow your palm. Different palms require different temperatures to grow optimally and with a thermostat you can keep a close eye on the temperature so that your palm is not too hot or too cold. And does your palm tree need an extra boost? Then give it some palmbooster. This will give your plant some extra energy so that it can grow well and healthily again. We also sell insecticides to prevent spider mite. Fancy growing palm trees yourself? It's a hobby that we are happy to help you with. We sell all palm accessories you need to grow your trees yourself. From palmbooster to coir, palm focus to thermostats, we have everything you need to propagate, nurture and enjoy your beautiful palm trees! See also Trachycarpus.