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Indoor plants


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Indoor plants
Gardening is not an activity that can only take place outside, in the garden. You can also choose to create a exciting, tropical atmosphere indoors. And with the plants inside your home, you can enjoy them even more! There are many plants that thrive less well in a cold, wet environment, but which are still impressive. These plants can be used as great indoor plants. With indoor plants you do not have to worry about frosts during the cold winter months. Our range consists not only of plants in various heights, such as palms and ferns, but also ground cover plants and climbing plants. Carnivorous plants plants and cacti are also suitable for indoor use.

Care and maintenance
There is a large range of indoor plants available and there are endless possibilities for variation. With this large variety of plants anyone can create their own personal tropical environment at home. Apart from all the various plant species you can find here, we have care and maintenance products for indoor plants in our assortment. For example, fertilizer for indoor plants and pesticides to keep annoying flies and beetles at bay. With these products you can maintain your plants optimally, so that they will thrive and you can enjoy them for a long time to come!