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A wealth of herbs
Many herbs have healing or medicinal properties or can be used as delicious food seasonings. Worldwide, herbs have always been used for all kinds of purposes. rosemary, for example, can be used as food seasoning, but is also known for its medicinal properties. And what about the wonderfully fragrant lavender? If you have a laurel bush in your garden, you can pick your own bay leaves. These are just a few examples of the herbs that MyPalmShop.com has on offer. Growing your own herbs is easier than you might think.

Simply order your own herb plant
MyPalmShop.com is a specialist in growing herb plants. Why not start growing your own herbs! They taste better, and growing herbs yourself is very satisfying. They are reasonably priced and can easily be ordered online through our website. We are known for our high quality products, so you will only get the absolute best. Delivery is fast. Take a look at all our edible plants.