Beaucarnea recurvata

Elephant's foot, Ponytail palm, Bottle palm

The ponytail is a weird palmlike succulent with a greatly expanded base and a single trunk with a rosette of long, straplike leaves that arch and droop. With age, the trunk eventually develops a few branches.

The plant looks a little like a palm, and a little like a big onion sitting on the ground with a single stalk growing up and sporting a parasol of drooping, straplike leaves. Flowers are produced only on large specimens.
HardinessKeep above 0°c
WateringLikes dry conditions
SunPrefers sunny conditions
Comes fromUSA Texas, Mexico

Tot. height: 40-50cm, pot: ø 14cm, 950g.  € 7.95
Tot. height: 40-60cm, pot: ø 28cm, 4.5Kg. Multitrunk € 19.95 - 15% = € 16.95

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