Dypsis decaryi

Triangle palm tree

Dypsis decaryi is a palm from the rainforest of Madagascar. The leaves, about 2.5 metres long (7,5 feet), point almost upright from the trunk, but then arch gracefully about 1 metre (3 feet) from the tip. They are grey-green in colour, pinnate, with a brown petiole covered in a whitish bloom.

This spectacular palm makes an excellent specimen plant, and should be grown in the open without anything to obscure its unusual shape. It prefers full sun, and regular watering, however, it can stand occasional dryness and semi-shade. A very fast grower once established. It is also a very good container plant for a patio or large courtyard. Seed usually germinates within about 1 month of sowing.

HardinessKeep above 0°c
WateringWater moderately
SunPrefers sunny conditions
Comes fromMadagascar rain forest

Tot. height: 140-160cm, pot: ø 40cm, Pallet delivery.  € 129.95

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